The Master students of the Energy and Nuclear Engineering program and PhD students of the Energetics program involved in the research activities of the NEMO group have carried out projects relevant for the nuclear science and technology community. Many of them are currently working in universities, research centers and private companies leadership in the nuclear field.

Former PhD students

Domenico Valerio (graduated in 2022)

Multi-physics modelling of liquid metals in Advanced Nuclear Systems

Newcleo, Italy

Bertinetti Andrea (graduated in 2019)

Development of the Multi-physiCs tool for the integrated simulation of the Cavity and its application for the design of gyrotron cavities for thermonuclear applications

R&D engineer @ Gemmate Technologies

Brighenti Alberto (graduated in 2019)

Moving forward the thermal-hydraulic modeling of superconducting magnets for ITER: from the Insert Coils to the full magnets

Post-Doc at CEA-Saclay, France

Hoh Siew Sin (graduated in 2017)

Development of methods for the determination of reactivity from flux measurements in nuclear reactors


Caron Dominic (graduated in 2017)

Neutronics methods for the multiphysics analysis of nuclear fission systems

Post-Doc at CEA-Saclay, France

Carli Stefano (graduated in 2017)

Simplified modeling of the heat transfer at the magnets - cryoplant interface in a superconducting tokamak

Post-Doc at KU Leuven, Belgium

Nervo Marta (graduated in 2015)

A new method for reactivity monitoring in nuclear reactors

Associate at Venture Factory, Milano, Italy

Former MS's students

Fabia Schito (graduated in 2021)


Antonio Petrilli (graduated in 2021)


Nicolò Garelli (graduated in 2021)

Newcleo, Italy

Andrea Batti (graduated in 2020)

NINE s.r.l., Italy

Destino Vincenzo (graduated in 2019)


Guadagni Jacopo (graduated in 2019)

Digital Bus Integration Analyst at Accenture, Italy

Ragno Gianluca (graduated in 2019)


Gammicchia Andrea (graduated in 2018)

PhD student at CEA-Saclay, France

Burrone Miriam (graduated in 2018)

Engineer Specialist at RAMS&E, Italy

Digioia Gianluca (graduated in 2018)

Production Engineer at Eni, Italy

Guadagni Ettore (graduated in 2018)

PhD student at CEA Cadarache, France

Iovenitti Andrea (graduated in 2018)

Energy engineer at EDISON, Italy

Dicuonzo Ortensia (graduated in 2016)

PhD student at SPC, Villigen, Switzerland

D'Auria Vincenzo (graduated in 2016)

PhD student at SPC, Villigen, Switzerland

Tancredi Angela (graduated in 2016)

Thermal Systems Virtual Analyst consultant at FCA, Italy

Mascolino Valerio (graduated in 2015)

PhD student at Virginia Tech, USA

Tiberga Marco (graduated in 2015)

PhD student at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

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